12 November 2012

Turista Libre's All My Friends Music Fest shuttle!

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The Turista Libre shuttle will pick up outside the McDonald's just south of the line. If you've ever walked across the border before, you probably already know where it is. If not, it's super easy. The pedestrian entrance to Mexico is now right next to the San Ysidro trolley stop. If you were getting off the trolley, take a left, head a block south and follow the signs to the turnstiles that lead into Mexico. Once you're across and past customs, follow the stairs, take a left onto the sidewalk and you'll soon see a pedestrian bridge ahead to your right. There'll probably be taxi guys there trying to get you into a cab. Ignore them, head over that bridge, keep walking straight until you hit the street, and you'll see the McDonald's across the street to your right. Keep an eye out for a blue Volkswagen van. That's your ride.

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