24 June 2013

TL cannonballs into summer '13 at the Tijuana waterpark


Tecates, tortas, tacos, a Tarzan rope, deported toboganes and other miscellaneous waterlogged terrors. It's officially summer in Tijuana. On this day the herd was just shy of 50 turistas, and we're happy to report everyone made it out alive. A very special thanks to the owners for the surprise box full of Vergel-Turista Libre T-shirts for the whole crew.

Bummed you missed out? Don't be. We're heading back July 7, Aug. 17 and Sept 21. Tickets and more info at turistalibre.com.

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1 comment:

  1. Hilarious. That guy who looks like an ancient Mayan stuffing his face with food is the most sensual of all these swimsuit shots. And in that group one at the end - there's a couple humping. ~Keli