07 March 2014

Turista Libre goes Deutsch


Two days in Tijuana with 25 social work university students from Katholische Stiftungsfachhochschule München, Germany -- part of a 10-day exchange program with San Diego State University -- are, hands down, incomparable. On the itinerary were chapunlines and yaca at Mercado Miguel Hidalgo (most of these kids had never seen a tamal in their lives), photo-ops with Cuauhtemoc, a community clean-up in Camino Verde, an afternoon at what's probably the most surreal beach on the face of the Earth and, of course, the obligatory round at Dandy del Sur. Vielen dank so viel zu unseren nuevos amigos, ¡los queremos mucho!

Special thanks to German consul general Carlos Echeagaray, former Baja California human rights director Heriberto Garcia, Espacio Migrante, Miguel Buenrostro of Reactivando Espacios, Alejandro Miranda from Via Corporativo, Elva Olmedo from Mercado Hidalgo, Casa de las Ideas and the community leaders and members of Camino Verde.

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